ADC is a world leader in the design and manufacture of gas analysis and gas detection equipment
ADC uniquely offer custom analysers for non-standard gases, and for unusual ranges and specifications for common gases.
With worldwide emphasis on carbon reduction, ADC contributes to projects as diverse as industrial carbon capture to animal carbon emissions
Full worldwide service coverage with 6 month warranty and annual service contracts
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ADC Gas Analysis specialises in the design and manufacture of non-dispersive infrared gas analysis equipment.

We provide a complete Standard series of in-situ monitoring sensors for a comprehensive range of gases, with applications in safety monitoring, solvent recovery, continuous emission monitoring, confined space and many more.

ADC is unique in providing bespoke gas analysers for niche applications in industry. Our custom-built analysers are built to specification, along with data systems made to order and customised system engineering on our standard range.

We also offer dew applications in the Climate Change control areas, including CDM projects and Clean Development Mechanism[s?] under the UNFCCC.

ADC has built long and successful working relationships with both large multi-national companies and smaller local organisations in the development of products. ADC exports to over 30 countries, each with trained Agents and Distributors, most of which have been associated with ADC for many years.

With over 30 years of expertise in the field, ADC has accumulated a wealth of experience in custom-built manufacturing from which to draw. Whatever your needs, ADC guarantees a solution.

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