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ADC is unique in providing bespoke gas analysers for niche applications in industry.

Our custom-built analysers are built to specification, along with data systems made to order and customised system engineering on our standard range.

ACETONE in acetylene

A multinational supplier of acetylene gas used for welding operations had a quality problem with the operation of acetylene gas cylinders. Most of these cylinders use acetone liquid within the cylinder as part of the protective shield preventing explosions . It was observed that there was some carry over of acetone into the gas and this has a detrimental effect on the efficiency of the acetylene. ADC Gas Analysis Ltd has supplied a specific ACETONE in acetylene analyser for routine tests.

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The latest product offered by ADC Gas Analysis, its gas filter correlation infrared optics offer the most selective measurement of single gases with exceptional freedom from interferences. Where traditional sensors use straight gas cells to achieve the best detection levels, in many cases the overall length of approximately 25cm restricts the lowest detection — for carbon dioxide, the full-scale range would typically be 100 ppm to 0.1ppm.

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Sampling Solutions

Many gas analysis solutions are dependent upon the correct identification of sample problems. These mainly consist of the removal of water and dust from the gas inlet. The main culprits are water and dust. If the gas is left to cool with the heated dust still present, it can mix with the moisture to form a sludge-like mixture. If this is left to cool this can form a cement-like mixture that creates blockages.

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Any equipment designed for use in hazardous and explosive conditions requires safety testing and certification in order to confirm that it is safe and reliable to use.   ATEX certification covers many products, including flame arrestors, enclosures, lighting and general electrical equipment when used in zoned area applications.

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Carburising and Nitriding

The case hardening of ferrous metals and alloys allows for their use in components subjected to high degrees of stress, wear and tear. The aerospace and motor industries in particular take components manufactured in standard alloys and case harden them to improve resistance to abrasiveness, corrosion resistance and other factors.

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Breathing Apparatus Testing

Many companies develop face masks and associated filters to protect workers from exposure to toxic, flammable and solvent gases. Tests are also performed for the certification of these products to comply with national standards by various notified bodies.

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Waste Water Treatment

Most waste water treatment plants include a mixture of processes designed to remove solid materials, toxins and other pollutants for further treatment. These processes are capable of producing different levels of toxic and greenhouse gases. While safety is monitored, the level of toxic emissions released into the atmosphere often isn’t, or measurements are performed inaccurately.

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Ammonia gas is released from animals and from soils at ppm levels. Typically this is measured by scientists working in monitoring animal nutrition or soil activities. However ammonia measurement is often problematic due to its solubility and physical properties. The sampled gas will often have a high humidity and include other gases such as methane, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.

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Quality Control

In the manufacture of gas cylinders, particularly with smaller specialist suppliers, the gas cylinder filing systems used work with many different gases. As a result there is a propensity for error and irregularity that must be monitored to ensure quality control.

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