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A standard single beam, single wavelength optical bench with configuration for over 30 gases. % level range. Low cost, entry-level product with excellent flexibility and reliable performance. Optional second gas can be configured through additional electrochemical cell. Difficult gas or range configurations, such as high range toxic gases, are easily accommodated. Standard 24V DC power supply, with optional digital display, analogue outputs and data port.



High performance gas filter correlation optical bench with capacity to measure low ranges of ppm. The Eclipse OEM Bench offers greater long-term stability than the Spectrum, with integrated temperature compensation. Configurable for 10 standard gases, with optional configuration for over 20 alternative gases. Standard 24V power supply and 0-2 volt output.



Based on the Eclipse OEM bench, the Quantum uses advanced WHITE CELL multipass optics to give an ultra-long path length of 4 metres. Measurement capability of ppb for a wide range of gases. Low dead volume ensures a response time of less than 60 secs for most gases.

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