Complete service program for all ADC and analytical development company instruments.

Unbeatable rates for one-off servicing and fixed service contracts.

  • In House Servicing
  • Fast Courier turnaround
  • On-Site Servicing*
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  • Recalibration Included
  • Certification Included
  • 6 month warranty on parts & labour
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ADC can also offer to service certain OEM products such as the Servomex 1400 series, infrared gas analysers and Cerulean 400 series cigarette smoke analysers.

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Servicing Information
Key Components
Service and Support Questionnaire:
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Why do analysers need servicing?

Infra-red analysers need regular servicing because the continuous use of analysers in most environments lead to the accumulation of dust and/or moisture. This reduces the performance of the analyser over time. An annual health check will restore an analyser to optimum performance.

Mechanical parts such as pumps and solenoid valves are the parts that are constantly in use, and so are prone to wearing away. The optical components are much less of an issue, though infra-red sources require a regular change.

Critical components are listed to the right along with the approximate length of time for which they will remain functional.

Around this time we recommend that you consider a change in order to save money on replacements. To inquire about our service and support, please click here to get in touch.

Infrared Sources

With continuous operation replacements should be made every two to three years. Regular changes prevent downtime.


Diaphragms and valve seats will wear with continuous use. Annual updates are needed.


Most filters will reduce flow rates with time, but the extent of wear depends entirely upon how dirty the process is. Changing the filter ensures optimum flowrates. If the flowrate is diminished, it is time for a service.

Solenoid Valves

Typically solenoid valves should be replaced around once a year if used continually. This may need to be changed even more regularly with autocal.

Most other optical and electronic components have MTBF values in excess of 7 years. To purchase spare parts, click here.

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Overseas Servicing

ADC offers both in-house servicing and repairs at competitive rates, together with field servicing throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our distributors in many European countries offer servicing with their own ADC trained engineers.

Please contact

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Obsolete and Legacy Products

While ADC continues to offer servicing and support for analysers built up to 35 years ago, some components are no longer available. If there are questions about the servicing of older systems then please contact the ADC service department directly to inquire about availability.

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